WTB Mission Statement

The Warrior Transition Brigade-NCR provides leadership, primary care, complex case management, and comprehensive transition planning in support of wounded, ill, or injured (WII) Soldiers. We contribute to the Army’s #1 priority, readiness, by transitioning WII Soldiers back to the force (RTD) or to the civilian sector as Soldiers for Life (SFL).

WTB Caring for our Soldiers...
Heal, Educate and Transition!


  • Access to Care
  • Quality of Life
  • Transparency Across Services and Commands

Mission Essential Tasks List (METL):

  • Provide Primary Care and Case Management
  • Ensure Force Well Being
  • Sustain highly Skilled Workforce
  • Force Reintegration or Civilian Transition

Brigade Commander:
COL Brian Harthorn


Brigade Surgeon:
LTC Matthew Pflipsen
Brigade Command Sergeant Major:
CSM Brian Soper



Command Suite
After hours/Emergency Phone 301-547-1449
S1 301-400-2305
Finance/DTS 301-400-0299
FRSA 301-400-0251
S2 301-400-0818
S3 301-400-2303
Event Coordinator/Protocol 301-400-2306
DTS 301-400-2289
S4 301-400-2268
S6 301-400-2275
BDE Surgeon 301-400-2365
BDE Chaplain 301-400-0292
BB 301-385-3419
BDE Social Worker 301-400-2284
Rehab Manager 301-400-0316
Transition Coordinator      301-400-2834