WTB Mission Statement

To transition Soldiers through a Comprehensive Transition Plan (CTP), our Nation’s most seriously Wounded, Ill, and Injured (WII) back into the force or into the community as productive Veterans with dignity, respect, and self-determination.

WTB Vision Statement
  • An effective Battalion that provides leadership and compassionate care to Soldiers in Transition (ST) and their families that enables them to focus on their mission to heal.
  • High quality living conditions and no unnecessary procedural delays.
  • A triad of Squad Leaders, Case Managers, and Primary Care Physicians who all work together to as part of an inter-disciplinary team to ensure advocacy for Soldiers, continuity of care, and a seamless transition into the force or return to a productive civilian life.

BN Commander:
LTC Carl Curriera
CSM David L. Perkins BN Command Sergeant Major:
CSM David L. Perkins
BN Executive Officer (XO): MAJ Pascua-Gordon, Michell

I would like to personally welcome you to the 1st Battalion, Warrior Transition Brigade at Fort Belvoir, VA.  On behalf of the entire Fort Belvoir Community Hospital, Northern Regional Medical Command and the Fort Belvoir community, I want you to know  that we will do our best to make sure you and your Family receive world-class care and are always treated with respect, compassion and dignity.  Fort Belvoir Community Hospital is a world-class state-of-the-art health care facility and is absolutely one of the best places in the Department of Defense for you to receive care.

Upon your initial arrival, each of you will be assigned or attached to the Battalion’s Headquarters and Headquarters Company. You will be met at the hospital or airport, and/or received at the battalion by a reception Noncommissioned Officer (NCO) who will welcome you and your Family to the unit. The NCO will immediately coordinate your medical care and arrange for transportation and housing.

Your reception NCO will be available for all your needs upon arrival and will continue to assist you during your stay. You will be assigned a Squad Leader, Nurse Case Manager and a Primary Care Manager when you arrive.  Together, they make up your Triad of Care. They are responsible for coordinating all aspects of your healing and transition. Your reception NCO will ensure that you have all of the contact information for your Triad of Care and the contact information for your chain of command.

These staff members will assist you in the healing process with a comprehensive transition plan.  Your efforts and the efforts of command leadership, the Triad of Care and your Family will be important in your journey to rehabilitate and remain in the military or transition to civilian life.  Due to the sacrifice you and your Family have made for the United States of America, I want you to know that our team is committed to helping you and your Family.

Your care is our number one priority and the entire battalion is dedicated to providing our Soldiers and Families world-class optimum care throughout.  My door is always open, and I am ready to assist you with any and all issues that you have not found resolution for through your chain of command. Of course, I am here anytime you feel that my assistance is needed directly.


"Challenge Me... Always"