Alpha Company
1st Battalion, Warrior Transition Brigade
Office: 571-231-5050
1st Platoon Sergeant:
Office: 571-231-5152
Executive Officer:
Office: 571-231-5050
2nd Platoon Sergeant:
Office: 571-231-5056
First Sergeant:
Office: 571-231-5049
3rd Platoon Sergeant:
Office: 571-231-5057
Training Specialist:
Phone: 571-231-XXXX
Alpha Company Mission Statement

Provide administrative support, leadership, training, primary care, case management, safety, health and welfare to the Warriors in Transition (WT), their Families and support system, in order to return Soldiers to the force or transition them to productive veterans.

Welcome from the Alpha Company, 1st Battalion, Warrior Transition Brigade Commander:
Welcome to Alpha Company, affectionately known as the "Wolf pack," of the First Battalion, Warrior Transition Brigade located here at Fort Belvoir, Virginia. We are highly honored to have you and your Family as part of our unit and look forward to helping you heal and transition.

We will work for you and with you as long as it takes to get you prepared to make your transition, either back to duty (Active Duty, National Guard or Army Reserve), or in the civilian sector.

Throughout your recovery, you and your Family will have access to the best medical resources the military has to offer. We have subject matter experts here to assist and advise in every aspect of this process and will ensure that you have access to them.

You will be challenged to embrace your path and lean forward to meet goals that satisfy your needs.

We are here for you and will do all we can to ensure time in this transition process is productive.